2012 Reading Challenge update

+2 manga volumes not yet listed in GoodReads

Despite one book short of reaching the past year’s reading goal, I still got past my initial goal of 32 books. And looking at my reading list, I have gone back to read more shoujo manga and romance titles than I have done in recent memory. Which really isn’t so bad, all things considered.

Even if there were doubts in the middle of the year that I wouldn’t reach my goal, I got the second wind late this year during my self-imposed vacation, and got to read more books in! And I can say the books I’ve read have helped me get through personal things. Even if some of them made me cry all over again. I’m looking at you, The Fault in Our Stars and Fairy Tale Fail.

So yeah, I’m starting up with the challenge again and will list down to read 50 books as my target this year. Even with the amount of work I have, I really hope I can reach the target this time. Bring it on!

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