A Pile of Books, among other things

So here it is, my very own book blog. One I’ve been planning since NaNoWriMo 2008, starting off as a writing blog, but things happened and it never came to pass. I’ve transferred my book database from Media Shelf to Shelfari to WordPress (via Now Reading Reloaded plugin) then finally to GoodReads. Why ‘Book Pile’? […]

Books Database, almost done

I think I have most of my books already listed. I just need to fix how all of these are displayed as the plugin is tricky with metadatas. But yeah, am good! And I am further reminded that I have yet a lot books to read. orz

Hello world!

Herein will lie all my list of books, and all my rants and raving regarding books (if I have any). So watch your step, it’s still a bit of a mess. Sorry about that.