A Pile of Books, among other things

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So here it is, my very own book blog. One I’ve been planning since NaNoWriMo 2008, starting off as a writing blog, but things happened and it never came to pass. I’ve transferred my book database from Media Shelf ((A now defunct open-source PHP library script by Jenny Ferenc)) to Shelfari to WordPress (via Now Reading Reloaded plugin) then finally to GoodReads.

Why ‘Book Pile’?

Because I have a pile of unshelved books either read or unread. Also in this pile, books I have started but I still have yet to finish. I know, how very uncreative (goes with the blog’s description) but I am not the same reader I was before ((the kind of reader who reads books for breakfast, lunch or dinner — even for midnight snacks.)) and somehow grew up and got lazy. So what a better way to start a new year with the pledge of reading more books— mainly finishing books I have started as far back as 3 years ago.

So, what now?

I also resolve to write down my thoughts about the books I’ve read, however mundane they would be. They may or may not always resemble a book review, but putting them down makes the activity more worthwhile. I might also post my thoughts on reading, the kinds of books I read, my readings moods, etcetera.

So, shall we get started?

I’ve already finished 3 books earlier this month which is a very good start for me compared to last year where I only read one novel and 9 manga volumes. Here’s hoping I finally get to finish The Book Thief and some of the other books on my list.

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