Going Back into the Pile

I dust off the cobwebs, slap on some new wallpaper, rearrange the furniture…

And actually get back into blogging about reading and books.

No excuses

Real life totally kicked my ass and did a number on me. With that, all I wanted to do was browse Tumblr or sleep ((Sleep is always good)). I was still able to read books the past year, and almost reached my target! I just didn’t want to write any of that experiences down.

So now, I just have to get through the rest of my ‘to read’ pile and at least note down how they made me feel or what they made me think about.

New theme

Consider this restarting my book blog. And with that, a new theme! I finally had the time to design a blog theme, for my own personal project to boot! It showcases book reviews (which should force me to do more), highlights types of posts (thoughts, prompts or reviews), responsive to whatever size your browser has (it looks nifty on mobile), and pastels!

*cracks knuckles*

Here we go!

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