The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins)

The Hunger Games

I’ve heard so many things about Suzanne Collin’s The Hunger Games since late last year, and most of them good, which kind of intrigued me. It was dubbed as something akin to Battle Royale with a different twist. So I thought I add it to the Christmas wishlist I mentioned before, but since I was given another gift I thought I’d buy it for my self last month.

In a future North America, where the rulers of Panem maintain control through an annual televised survival competition pitting young people from each of the twelve districts against one another, sixteen-year-old Katniss’s skills are put to the test when she voluntarily takes her younger sister’s place.

The Hunger Games is an annual event that serves as a form of entertainment for a nation. There are 12 districts and every year each district draws a boy and a girl to represent them in the games, for fame and fortune— or death. Katniss volunteers her self to replace her younger sister as a tribute to the games, and thus starts her whole ordeal of becoming a champion or a victim.

It is a very dark novel, but very very compelling. I read it straight as I couldn’t put the book down. The narrative hooks you in and wouldn’t let you go— You just have to know what happens next. It tackles morality and government issues in a familiar but dark way, with a touch of wit and humor to stop you from going too deep in the dark.

This may not be for everyone, as it is pretty dark and the premise can be controversial, but this is a well-done high-adrenaline piece that makes you want for more. I will definitely be picking up the second book, [amazonify]0439023491::text::::Catching Fire[/amazonify], to find out what happens next with what happened in this first book. Of course, when I get my next paycheck.

Rating: 4 of 5 stars [?]

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