This week, Booking Through Thursdays asks:

Do you read mystery novels? If so, why? Is it the mysteries themselves that appeal to you? The puzzle-solving? The murders? Or why don’t you read them? What about them doesn’t appeal?

The short answer: YES!

The long answer: It may not look it, but I looove reading them. I like the cozy mystery ones. I like the gritty ones. It doesn’t show up on my Goodreads profile, but I do. It just so happens that they’re either not on the list, or I forgot the titles. Or I haven’t read any recently. I should really go and fix that.

I love everything about mysteries. It’s the way they make you think, and try to solve the problem with the lead characters. The mystery, the puzzle-solving—the enigma. I’ve read my fair share of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. I’ve watched plenty of Murder She Wrote, Matlock, Diagnosis Murder, Mystery Files of Shelby Woo, Castle.

Now that I’ve said that, I really need to get back into reading more of these.

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