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Book meme: Waiting on Wednesdays c/o Breaking the Spine.
I thought I’d start up and fill in spaces between reading times by taking part of book memes. Waiting on Wednesdays would help showcasing books I’m eagerly waiting for, as well as books friends are doing. I’ll be participating every two weeks.

My friend, Chris, author of the sweet #romanceclass novella Cover (Story) Girl, is at it again and currently writing a new one! And from her Scribd preview, I can’t wait for the finished product! The first paragraph alone is beautiful.

Somebody’s heart kept my sister from seeing me. It was a massive thing after all, made of red construction paper and trimmed with shiny ribbon. It dwarfed any other card I had seen that Valentine’s Day, but it was left ignored by the door of Isabella’s homeroom class, a wounded warrior that had gone all out and still failed to score a knockout against its intended recipient. High school was teaching me to be grateful for life’s little defeats, because that sorry heart provided good cover while I sat on a bench and waited for my older sister.

Go on over to her blog to read her work in progress!

Waiting on Wednesday

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