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Piggy Bank by asterisco

Just when I started my own book blog, something happens and I can’t go splurge on new stuff for the next six months, this includes book buying.

I’ve thought that the only way to deal with this is finally reading all the books I have already started but yet to finish, and all the other books I have that remain untouched. And I tell you, they are quite a lot. I just haven’t posted all of the books because I might even reread them from the start. I also plan on rereading some books so I can review them here and share them with you, especially the books I’ve loved.

Sure I can go to Book Sale or borrow books, but the cost of just actually getting out of the house is… let’s just say I really can’t afford it either, and temptations will be hard to resist ((I am just really fortunate my office is just walking distance from the apartment)). Maybe I can go to the UP Main Library and finally get an Alumni Library Card so I can read there as well.

So this is serves as a note that all the reviews I will post in the coming months will be limited. Oh well, there’s still so much posts I plan to write up anyway

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