A Holiday by Gaslight

Book cover: A Holiday by Gaslight, by Mimi Matthews
A Holiday by Gaslight
by Mimi Matthews
November 18, 2018
Perfectly Proper Press
Kindle ebook

A season late, surely. But this was the most recent one I have on my TBR pile that is short enough to read over a weekend. Definitely a good decision! I broke through my reading slump and managed to finish it between meals (and a nap.)

I loved the whole romance and the two leads. And it definitely had the North and South vibe going on (except Christmas!)

I value your intelligence and your strength. I’d rather you stood at my side than in my shadow.”

from A Holiday by Gaslight, by Mimi Matthews

Don’t like the heroine’s father still at the end, but I guess that’s where the reflection of reality of it is.

Otherwise, really enjoyed this read. And definitely whet my appetite to read some more. Now if I can just get some more time to actually read.

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